“How to prepare for the end times”, DVD




In March of 2014 John Shorey was invited to speak at Jim Bakker’s Ready Now Expo. These two DVD’s, three and one half hours from two sessions will teach you how to prepare both physically and spiritually. America’s finest hour will be when the Sleeping Giant, (The Church) wakes up. In the face of great adversity, the Saints of God need to be ready to reach out to the lost and dying that are surrounding them. If we see what is coming, we can prepare. I don’t mean prepare to hunker down and wait for the Lord’s Return. NO, we need to be ready to share a meal with hungry friends and neighbors, so we can share the Love of God (The Gospel) and warn people not to give into the coming system of the antichrist. If you do your part in this great coming revival, then when you see the Lord, you will hear him say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.”